Frequently Asked Questions

At TPW Shop, we understand that the world of print can sometimes raise questions. That's why we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and informative answers. Asked by you, answered by our experts.

General Questions

What file formats do you accept for artwork/design submissions?

PDF Files

For completed artwork, we accept PDF files. If you're looking to upload graphics and images directly into our editor, you can use JPEG, PNG, and SVG files. These formats are well-suited for maintaining image integrity and clarity during the printing process.

Please note that while we support a variety of common file formats, any other formats may not be compatible with our system. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about file compatibility, don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. We're here to help streamline your printing experience from start to finish.

Is there a minimum order quantity for stationery?

Dependent on product.

Each product available on our online print store comes with its own quantity structure to ensure optimal printing efficiency and sustainability.

For example, you have the flexibility to order individual posters, allowing you to print only what you need for your specific project. However, certain products like business cards have a minimum quantity requirement, typically starting at 50 cards per order. This minimum quantity is in place due to our commitment to sustainable printing practices. We strive to minimise the use of our print machines for small print runs, as it aligns with our dedication to environmental responsibility. By consolidating smaller orders into larger quantities, we can maximize the efficiency of our printing processes and minimise the need for a reprint, all whilst minimising waste.

If you have any questions about the quantity structures for specific products or need assistance in determining the best options for your project, our team is here to help. We're committed to providing a personalised service to ensure your printing experience with us exceeds all expectations.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?


Our pricing structure reflects the discounts available for buying in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. Each product has it's own pricing structure set, you can see the price for each product and quanitity on the product page itself, by selecting the quanitity, the price will update.

Simply put, the more you buy the more you save!

Can you accommodate special finishes like embossing or foil stamping?

It is possible under bespoke design requests.

While these services are not offered as standard options, we're committed to assisting you with your request to achieve the desired results.

If you're interested in embossing or foiling for your project, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced design team to discuss your specific requirements. They will be happy to explore the possibilities and provide guidance on how we can bring your vision to life.



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